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Cloud Shadows FX

Cloud Shadows FX

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Cloud Shadows FX is the easiest way to add great-looking, smooth and performant cloud shadows to your scenes and landscapes in built-in and URP.

*** Key Features ***

- Friendly setup. Import the asset, add the effect to your scene as you would create a gameobject and customize to your liking.

- Customizable. As all of our assets, Clouds Shadows FX provides many inspector settings that let you configure any aspect of the shadows, including coverage, opacity, distance fade, animation & wind speed, customizable textures, etc.

- Profile based. All settings are stored in a cloud shadows profile asset which you can reuse across scenes or easily switch in the inspector.

- Super smooth. The technique used allows you to create super smooth shadows at any distance, with any degree of opacity/transparency and no noise/dithering.

- Colored shadows: shadows can use a tint color for special environments/effects.

- Extra cloud layer: in addition to shadows, the effect can also render a layer of clouds which are aligned with the shadows. These clouds are not volumetric, thus are performant and great for top-down games.

- Coverage Mask: let you specify areas where cloud shadows shouldn't be visible. Includes an in-SceneView painter.

- Includes one demo scene.

*** Compatibility ***

- Tested on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and WebGL.

- Works with built-in and URP.

- In URP, make sure Depth Texture option is enabled.

- Supports perspective & orthographic cameras.

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