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Global Snow 2

Global Snow 2

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From the creator of Beautify and Volumetric Fog & Mist, comes Global Snow 2, the most convenient, complete and gorgeous solution to render your scene as a beautiful winter landscape with just a few clicks. Now compatible with URP!

This asset contains 2 packages:

- Global Snow for Built-in Rendering Pipeline

- Global Snow for URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline)

Global Snow works with your existing scene, including standard Terrain, Tree and Grass, SpeedTree and many other shaders (see details): you don't have to change your shaders or use new snowed prefabs.

Global Snow is an all-in-one, drag & drop solution (with many options) that also plays nicely along with other terrain shaders as well.

*** Rendering Features ***

Realistic snow effect with 3 visual styles:

  • PBR Relief Mapping, a fully physically based rendering raymarched shader which produces a 3D effect of snow bumps.
  • PBR Normal-mapped snow, uses albedo, normals and specular workflow. Faster and still looks great!
  • Flat shading, the fastest mode without normal modification which gives an stylized snow look.

 Integrated Occlusion and Glitter. Adds finer details to the ground.

 Unity lighting and shadow system compatible. Snow gets lit and shadowed as expected.

✔ Compatible with Global Illumination.

*** Coverage Features ***

  • Automatic snow coverage with exclusion options (by layers, per gameobject, mask texture). No need to create thousands of exclusion volumes to hide snow from internal buildings or under roofs.
  • Snow can cover terrain, vegetation, buildings, transparent cut-out objects and opaque geometry.
  • Altitude scattering for more natural height coverage.
  • Slope controls to add realistic snow over cliffs or mountains.
  • Ability to place holes.

*** Extra Features Included ***

  • Integrated snow coverage painter in SceneView.
  • Object snower tool. In addition to the snow brush painter tool, you can now drag & drop scene objects into the inspector and apply custom snow coverage. Great to remove snow from roads and other complex shaped objects!
  • Footprints. Make your FPS character leave footprints behind.
  • Terrain marks. Detects terrain collisions adding marks over the snow on any moving gameobject. Also detects wheel collisions, great for vehicles on snow (see screenshots).
  • Snowfall with lighting compatible particles.
  • Camera frost effect.

Built-in version includes extended compatibliity with:

  • World Manager API compatible.
  • Vegetation Studio, Gaia, CTS and VertExmotion.

Lots of quality and feature options with global presets for quick setup and run.

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- Global Snow 2 is included in the Ultimate Bundle.

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