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Military Units 3D

Military Units 3D

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Military Units 3D is a collection of high quality 33 war units (prefabs) from medieval to modern era. A must-have package of units for any war, RTS or strategy game.

If you need more units or variations, don't hesitate to contact us.

Check the demo scene included in the Scenes folder.

The units prefabs can be found in the Military Units 3D / Prefabs folder.


Medieval units:

- Weapons: arrow, bow, crossbow, bow, shield, spear, sword.

- Land units: archer, crossbow-man, horseman, spearman, warrior.

- Ranged units: catapult.

- Water units: carrack.

Modern units:

- Land units: german soldier (alert/guard), US soldier, humvee jeep, mechanized infantry vehicle.

- Ranged units: cannon, missile launcher, Panzer IV tank.

- Air units: spitfire mkv (marine/green), Apache helicopter, B52 bomber, F16 fighter jet, missile, stealth bomber.

- Water units: destroyer, u-boat submarine.

- Other: support crate, support truck.

Additional features:

- Demo scene uses rotation scripts to animate rotors, wheels, turrets, etc. These scripts are not included in the prefabs themselves, just in the demo scene, but you can use or modify these scripts for your own purposes.

- Materials are designed for the built-in pipeline but can be converted to other pipelines using the Rendering Pipeline converter.

- The Warrior, German and US Soldier prefabs include t-pose/rigged versions which can use humanoid animations (not included).

- Individual warrior gear like spear, sword, crossbow, bow, shield and arrow are provided separately so you can exchange them on custom prefab variations.

- Some vehicle parts are detachable like wheels and turrets so they can be rotated independently (ie. for steering or aiming)

- Models are designed to be used at distance and also in close-ups. Many of the prefabs include LOD levels for optimization.

Related assets:

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