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Pirates of Voxel Play

Pirates of Voxel Play

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Pirates of Voxel Play is a battle-royale (action, first person shooter) sample project built with Voxel Play and Mirror for multiplayer networking.

Important! This project requires Voxel Play 2. If you don't have Voxel Play, you can purchase it here.

You take the role of a stranded navy officer in a lush, tropical island, where you will confront hunters, wild beasts and other players for survival.

"Eat or be eaten. That's the basic rule that you must have in mind. You must survive, fight, bite your way out of the hunters and beasts that will eat you alive. Get your weapons and prepare yourself... and don't forget: even humans will stab your back at the smallest chance."

Supports local single and multi-player on your local area network.


- Pack of rigged and animated characters including navy, hunters, pirates and animals (fish, jungle beasts and flying parrots!).

- Island environment, including custom made textures for terrain & vegetation, tree models and other misterious island features.

- Amusing music and sounds.

- Logic (C#), including multiplayer, networking logic based on Mirror, character selection & controllers, server and client logic, menus, effects, mob spawners, looting, chat, etc. conveniently organized in folders. Invaluable resources to learn how to implement multiplayer!

- Documentation (PDF) with detailed setup and usage instructions.

- Exclusive explanatory video about the project design, architecture and Mirror integration.

** Requirements **

- Built-in or URP pipeline (check the documentation about how to enable the URP support).

- Voxel Play 2 required.

- Mirror 73 is required. Previous versions of Mirror won't work. You can download a version of this asset for a previous version of Mirror at

** Installation **

1) Create a new project using Unity 2020.3.16 or later.

2) Import Pirates of Voxel Play (do not unpack the package included in PiratesOfVoxelPlay folder yet).

3) Import Voxel Play and Mirror from the Asset Store.

4) Restart Unity (this is important so Mirror finishes installation!).

5) Double click the Pirates Of Voxel Play package located in PiratesOfVoxelPlay folder and import it.

6) Add both scenes "Lobby" and "Game" in Pirates of Voxel Play/Game/Scenes to Build settings.

You're set! Run Lobby scene to start playing.

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