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Potions & Volumetric Liquid

Potions & Volumetric Liquid

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Potions & Volumetric Liquid is a high detailed set of magic potions which uses Liquid Volume Pro for unlimited customization possibilities.

Potions & Volumetric Liquid contains 8 unique (16 variations), high detailed, PBR set of magic potions with advanced volumetric effect for the liquids inside the flasks.

Uses Liquid Volume Pro 2 capabilities to render the liquids and its effects (Liquid Volume Pro must be purchased separately).

Key Features:

- High detailed models, with 3 LODs.

- Customizable liquid level.

- Animated & realistic magic liquid inside, with bubbles, foam, smoke, multiple liquids...

- Customizable labels on flask.

- Detachable details.

- 8 unique designs, 16 total prefab variations.

- Uses Liquid Volume Pro for unlimited customization.

Platform Compatibility:

- Requires Unity 2020.3.16 or later (2021.3 on HDRP).

- Compatible with built-in, URP and HDRP.

Import & Setup Instructions:

- This asset requires Liquid Volume Pro 2 or Liquid Volume Pro 2 HDRP in your project (must be purchased separately). Please import it from the Package Manager first.

- Check the README & Documentation (PDF) for additional setup instructions.

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