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Radiant Global Illumination

Radiant Global Illumination

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Radiant GI brings real-time, screen space global illumination to both URP and built-in pipelines, producing more natural-looking scenes.

Radiant GI is a full-screen post processing effect that adds global illumination in real-time to your scene producing better lit and more natural looking scenes.

This bundle contains 2 packages optimized for each rendering pipeline:

- Radiant GI for built-in pipeline.

- Radiant GI for URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline).

Both packages offer the same functionality and support forward and deferred rendering path. After importing the package, check the documentation for setup instructions.

Demo: Windows | Mac | WebGL

Global Illumination refers to the indirect / diffuse lighting caused by the bounces of the light on any surface. In Unity, all real-time lights (directional, spot, point lights) produce what's called “direct lighting” as they can only illuminate surfaces that’re directly reachable. Indirect lighting refers to the lighting that’s reflected by those objects and that can also add some lighting to the scene (as it occurs in real life).

Radiant GI computes automatically that indirect light very fast and combines it with the regular Unity lighting. The result is a more pleasant scene which looks much more realistic.

** Features **

- Realtime GI. No baking required.

- Works with any 3D scene, including static and dynamically generated content.

- No scene or material changes are required.

- Works with any light type and emissive surfaces. Every pixel can contribute to GI!

- Noise-free raymarched technique thanks to custom bilateral, wide blur and spatio-temporal filters.

- One light bounce option for extra indirect lighting.

- Option to use reflective shadow maps and reflection probes as fallbacks for off-screen emitters.

- Support for virtual emitters ("GI injectors") which can be easily placed in the scene or attached to dynamic objects to simulate artificial lighting.

- "Near Field Obscurance" option which darkens occluded surfaces, adding even more depth to the scene.

- "Organic Lighting": performant option to inject procedural lighting into the scene (URP and deferred only) which can also be source for indirect lighting producing more natural and interesting environment lighting.

- Easy to use - just add the Radiant render feature plus configure the post processing effect in the desired volumes.

- Uses Volume system which allows you to apply the effect globally or only on certain zones with custom setttings for each zone.

- Fully customizable including raymarching, performance and artistic-related settings.

- Compatible with forward or deferred rendering path; however, it’s strongly encouraged to use deferred rendering as it produces more realistic results.

- Supports perspective and orthographic camera types.

- Special visualization tools like debug and compare modes (similar to Beautify compare mode).

- 2 demo scenes + documentation (PDF) included.

** Compatibility **

- Requires Unity 2021.3 or later.

- Supports Built-in and URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline).

- Tested on Windows, Mac, WebGL 2.0.

- Android and iOS supported in high end mobile devices.

- VR not supported.

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