Shiny SSRR 2 - Screen Space Raytraced Reflections

Shiny SSRR 2 - Screen Space Raytraced Reflections

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Shiny SSRR adds advanced Screen Space Raytraced Reflections to your scenes in real-time making them more realistic.

This bundle contains 2 packages optimized for each rendering pipeline:

- Shiny SSRR for built-in pipeline.

- Shiny SSRR for URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline).

Both packages offer the same functionality and support forward and deferred rendering path.

Demo: Windows | Mac | Android

** Key Features **

The workflow allows you to accurately define reflections in your scene including:

- Overall intensity of the effect plus high level of customization.

- Contact hardening makes near reflections sharper while you can customize distance based fuzziness and decay levels.

- Physically based reflections in deferred with fresnel, smoothness and energy conservation (also compatible with forward).

- Spatio-temporal filter and specular reflection controls to attenuate and remove shimmering producing flicker free reflections.

- Ability to compute true depth of objects.

- Detailed raytracing settings.

Shiny is also designed and optimized for the two rendering paths:

- In forward rendering mode, you can override global raytracing settings per object, providing unparallel control and performance levels. Also you can decide to apply reflections only to specific objects in groups, by layer, name filter or even specific submeshes.

- In deferred rendering mode, Shiny SSRR leverages gbuffers to produce even more accurate physically based reflections by using per-pixel normals and smoothness independently of the objects in the scene.

Shiny can combine both rendering path, allowing reflections over deferred and forward compatible objects, like puddles (a puddle example is included in demo scene 1).

The asset includes a demo scene and a quickstart guide (PDF) with instructions.

Additionally we provide around the clock support on our dedicated support site and on Discord.

** Compatibility**

- Compatible with built-in pipeline and URP.

- Deferred rendering path in URP requires URP 12.0 or later.

- Supports Forward+ in URP 14.

- Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and WebGL 2 platforms.

- Works with existing shaders/materials, no scene changes required.

- In forward rendering mode, reflections can't be added to terrain.

- VR not supported.

- Orthographic camera not supported.

Note: the effect can only render reflections from visible objects in the scene as it's a screen space/camera effect.

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- Shiny SSRR is included in the Visual Fidelity Bundle and Ultimate Bundle.

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