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Transitions Plus

Transitions Plus

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Transitions Plus is a versatile and effective way to perform smooth camera transitions in your project.

Create all sort of smooth transitions between scenes and cameras!

Transitions Plus comes with 19 different effect styles and +100 drag & drop presets ready to use with many customization options.

*** Key Features ***

- Easy to use. Right click on the hierarchy and select Effects -> Transitions Plus to add the effect manager to the scene. Customize using its integrated inspector.

- Highly Customizable. All transitions are procedural, shader based, and customizable thanks to the editor inspector. Lot of options to play with, from colors, gradients, textures to distortions, rotations, duration, banding, toon effect and more.

- In Editor Preview. Preview effect from the Editor, no need to enter playmode.

- Full-screen mode or inside UI. Effects can be rendered in full screen mode or within your UI.

- Profile based. Save your own customizations to presets. +100 presets included with the asset.

- Scripting support. Run any transition with a single line of code.

- 3 demo scenes included: a) how to run transitions on demand with one single line of code, b) how to transition between two cameras, c) how to transition from a loading screen to a new scene.

*** Compatibility ***

- Compatible with Built-in, URP and HDRP.

- Tested on mobile, Mac, Windows and WebGL.

- VR support (tested on Quest 2 MultiPass, MultiView and Single Pass Instanced with link cable).

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