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Highlight Plus - All in One Outline & Selection Effects

Highlight Plus - All in One Outline & Selection Effects

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Highlight Plus is a powerful asset that adds outline, glow, overlay, see-through and other effects to objects and characters in your scene. HP has been designed with platform compatibility and performance in mind, as well as versatility and ease of use.

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** Visual Effects **

Combine any number of effects on single or multiple objects from a single script:

- Outline: 4 quality levels including mesh-based instancing rendering and screen-space with optimal blit region. Customizable color, alpha, width, gradient, visibility options (normal, always in front, behind) and more.

- Outer Glow: great for per-object bloom and aura effects. 4 quality levels, also mesh-based instanced rendering and screen-space with fully customizable controls including visibility, smooth or noise/dither effect, animation, blending, mask and more.

- Inner/Rim Glow: with customizable color, width, blend modes, intensity and visibility.

- Overlay: color or textured overlay with different uv mapping options, alpha and animation speed, custom blending options.

- Target: add aiming or special indicators on specific parts of any gameobject with fully control of animation and appearance details, like colors, texture, transitions, etc.

- Area of effect: target effect option which adds an aligned to ground animated graphic under a gameobject or character (similar to decals).

- See-Through: reveal objects or characters behind solid occluders. Customize intensity, tint color and alpha. Occluded objects keep their correct depth. Plus additional colored border option.

- Hit/Flash effect with 3 variations, customizable color, intensity and fade out duration.

** Key Features **

- Preview effect in Editor (no need to go into play mode).

- Extreme flexibility: can affect individual or group of objects or run in automatic mode with layer option.

- Option to trigger by entering a volume, by using highlight managers or using C#.

- Can exclude specific submeshes.

- Event system to fine-control automatic mode.

- Fade in/out.

- Camera distance fade.

- Copy settings into reusable profiles.

- Works with 3D objects and skinned meshes.

- Supports LOD groups.

- Supports sprite renderers (outline, glow, overlay and hit-fx effects on sprites are supported).

- Works with orthographic and perspective cameras as well as with multiple cameras.

- Safe: does not modify object materials, shader nor mesh.

- Performant: this is not a full screen image effect.

- Ordered see-through. More details here.

- Highlight and Selected states are supported, with options to select multiple objects at the same time using the Highlight Manager.

** Components **

Highlight Plus can be used as:

- Single component (script) attached to any object, character or sprite and fully controlled from its inspector or using C#.

- Using Highlight Managers components, which takes care of highlighting on objects and their state. The Highlight Trigger component will automate the highlight effects on a specific object while the Highlight Manager system can manage the highlight effects from a single manager.

- C# source and comprehensive API included.

** Platform compatibility **

Built-in / Standard pipeline (Unity 2020.3+)

- Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, WebGL, PS4.

- VR compatible.

- Super fast on mobile.

Universal Rendering Pipeline (Unity 2020.3+)

The asset includes a version designed for Universal Rendering Pipeline as well.

Note: Highlight Plus is designed to work with mesh, sprite and skinned mesh renderers (3D objects, characters, sprites and 2D quads). UI is not supported.

Related assets:

- Highlight Plus is included in the Ultimate Bundle.

- For Sprite highlighting only, use Highlight Plus 2D.

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