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Skybox Plus

Skybox Plus

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Skybox Plus is a beautiful, dynamic, procedural skybox solution that includes real-time, animated haze & procedural clouds as well as hand-painted, multi-layered, clouds with anime style.

** Key Features **

- Dynamic skybox with day/night cycle and beautiful Sun, dawns/sunsets.

- Highly customizable skybox material with tons of options.

- Procedural haze/clouds with customizable colors, scale, density and rotation.

- Up to 7 layered cubemaps with customizable transparency, horizontal & vertical position and animation.

- Stars & Moon.

** Resources **

- Two master skybox shaders (only clouds, clouds + mountains).

- 28 ready to use skybox materials.

- 8 hand-painted, stylized clouds (cubemaps) inspired by Studio Ghibli style.

- 3 hand-painted, stylized mountain landscapes (cubemaps).

- 1 hand-painted, stylized Moon texture.

- Demo scene & documentation (PDF) included.

** Compatibility **

- Built-in & Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP) compatible.

- No global keywords used.

- Gamma & Linear color space support.

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- Skybox Plus is now included in the RPG Starter Bundle.

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