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RPG Starter Bundle

RPG Starter Bundle

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RPG Starter Bundle includes a collection of visual, environment effects, navigation tools and assets to quickly build the foundation of an RPG/Fantasy game or prototype. Save 50% purchasing this bundle (total value: +$170)!

This bundle includes 5 assets (click on each asset name for more details):

  • Compass Navigator Pro: an easy drag & drop asset to create customizable minimaps & navigation bar in just a few minutes. Includes plenty of high-quality hand-drawn icons, styles and powerful features to represent game objects and destinations on the minimap and the navigation bar HUD.
  • Skybox Plus: anime-style skybox solution that includes real-time, animated haze & procedural clouds as well as hand-painted, multi-layered clouds. This package contains 28 ready-to-use skybox materials, 8 hand-painted, stylized clouds, 3 hand-painted, stylized mountain landscapes, 1 hand-painted/stylized Moon texture & demo scene.
  • Dynamic Fog & Mist 2: the ideal lightweight fog solution for desktop, mobile & VR projects which require fast & flexible playability. Includes many parameters to obtain good looking fog effect results, fog profiles to set a custom fog effect in the click of a button, day/night cycle, fog of war to erase the fog in certain zones of the map, gradient colors, directional light scattering & more.
  • Liquid Volume 2: Highly customizable volumetric shader to convert any game object in the scene into a liquid container with great number of options to adjust the liquid and glass appearance. Includes many ready-to-use prefabs with presets.
  • Tunnel FX 2: Create amazing animated 3D tunnel effect with plenty of options to adjust curvature, style, animation parameters & more. 14 Presets are included, and the option to create your own with up to 4 customizable textures.
  • Cloud Shadows FX: Adds smooth and performant cloud shadows over your scenes and landscapes, including an optional cloud layer for top-down games.

All assets included in this bundle supports built-in and URP. Please refer to each individual assets for more details.

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